Solarwerks, Inc. is a wholly owned Arizona company based in Queen Creek, AZ

The company provides products and services in the alternative energy industry. Our goal is to target markets where traditional energy sources are neither available nor desirable providing a clean portable power house.

Tom Carter a senior partner is a naval veteran engineer with over 25 years experience in the fields of System Automation, Information Technology, Wireless and Surveillance monitoring, Off-Grid and Alternative energy solution deployments and designs.

Yinka Ogundare another senior partner has over 15 years experience in Operations, management and logistics. With a passion for the deployment of alternative energy in remote locations and developing countries, he comes with a lot of experience in International business.

Target Market

 Non-profits Organizations and Non –Governmental Organizations (NGOs)
 Military and Para-military organization
 Disaster Relief Agencies (For Emergency Deployment)

Typical Uses

 Communities and individuals choosing to be Off-Grid
 An electrical solution for underserved communities in the developed countries
 Electrical Infrastructure bridge for developing communities
 Temporary projects sites requiring portable Alternative energy solutions
 Water purification and dewatering process in remote locations
 Emergency lighting and Power
 Special Events