Our Product

 The SolarPOD is a portable alternative energy solution that can be readily deployed at multiple sites globally. The product eliminates the need for an existing power source or even a distribution channel where none exists. Simply put, it is a complete solution that has both power generating components and power storage units.
 The system consists of Solar Panels, Batteries Chargers and a Backup Generator for days of autonomy. Upgraded Models also includes a Wind turbines and or Fuel cells for constant energy generation.
 Our product is differentiated by the way we have combined both time tested and emerging technology together to make for a light and more efficient solution while maintaining relative cost consciousness.
 All components made in America



SolarCube - Coming Soon!

SolarCUBE is a larger more semi-permanent version of The SolarPOD with an output of between 10KW to 1MW.
 The SolarCUBE was developed for the emission-free power supply and energy storage in locations for Off –Grid applications configurable for single and three phase uses.
 The core of the semi-portable power supply unit is isolated inverters that are distinguished by three important characteristics; it is extremely resistant to overload, they easily copes with high ambient temperatures and easily expandable to produce and store more power.
 All enclosures are milspec.
 All components made in America